Career Matters (CM) is a social enterprise that offers a fresh approach to the development of skills and career pathways. Providing career services, development of the future workforce and talent attraction strategies through face to face and digital solutions. Our focus is on the Future World of Work which is bringing new challenges for society, education, and employers.

Career Matters was established in 2016 to deliver career, education and skills development services and develop digital technology services to improve services and impact. 

Our partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, and employers provides creative and inspirational projects which prepare individuals for the 21st Century workforce and Industry 4.0. 

Career Matters develops skills for the future world of work, with education providers and employers, to address the challenges facing industry sectors.  The demands of the future workforce require new ways of working, training and attracting talent.  The dedicated team at Career Matters are skilled professionals at implementing innovative projects which seek to democratise access to education and employment.

Advancement in technology is changing the demands and competencies required for a digital and global economy.  The UK Science and Technology Committee in their ‘Digital Skills Readiness Report’ state there is a ‘digital skills crisis’, 23% of the population lack basic digital skills, costing the economy £63 billion pounds per year.  Our service supports digital literacy and intelligence, and works to bridge the digital divide. 

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, 54% of all employees across the globe will need to be reskilling by 2022, 16 million employees in the UK.  The future requirements for learning are competency-based, lifelong and digital.       

Career Matters creates innovative career and skill development programmes across all levels to improve social mobility and pathways into exciting careers.  Harnessing digital technology to improve access to skills and support educators, practitioners, and employers.

About Us

Established in 2016 as a career, education, and skills advisory service provider, committed to harnessing technology to improve services. 

Led by an experienced team of skilled professionals across education, careers, vocational and industry.  Supported by a Board of Advisors and championed by our Ambassadors Board, the team are dedicated, passionate and bring significant experience supporting partners to improve recruitment pathways, talent development, innovative projects and ideas. 

Our Team

Covid Update

Our services have continued throughout Coronavirus (Covid-19). Our services can be delivered online and necessary measures will be put in place when planning for delivery on site. If you have any questions please email us at