Thrive is a new Career Matters developed digital platform.  Thrive offers a personal development programme and careers service to support children in care, care leavers and those with lived care experience.  Thrive is an engaging, interactive, online programme and resource that prepares learners for the world of work and provides inspirational opportunities.

The unique Thrive platform enables Career Matters to provide a full service that supports those with care experience into employment, through coaching, training, advice, access to networks and employment opportunities, all housed in a central digital hub.   

Our online learning programme develops skills and competencies through completion of activities which support decision making regarding career pathways.   

Our Thrive digital platform enables employers, education providers and partners to provide a range of opportunities and experiences. 

Our service is impartial and independent for care leavers of all ages.           


Young people in care and care leavers face significant barriers to progression.  This is due to, lack of stable housing; financial instability; lack of access to mental health support; adverse childhood experiences (ACEs); low self-esteem; exploitation environments adding to criminal records and involvement with the justice system (affecting ability to apply for jobs); minimal or non-existent support networks; loneliness; and social exclusion.  A disconnect exists between job opportunities and care leavers ability to access them.

Insight into the care experience…

There is minimal data about the career pathways, academic and professional achievements of care experienced people.  Government data shows a snapshot in time regarding care leavers outcomes, critically these statistics are at a time when many care leavers are living independently for the first time, with limited, if any, support networks.  

Our consultation and research to date show that many care leavers go on to achieve stability in their lives, build exciting careers, achieve the highest levels of academic qualifications and professional achievements.

Our project supports the Keep on Caring Outcomes

  • Better preparation to live independently. 
  • Improved access to education, employment, or training.  
  • Financial Stability.

Thrive will contribute to demonstrate the many success stories and resilience of those with care experience.  Raising awareness of the challenges facing this group and improving understanding and support available.   

Thrive – Benefits to Care Leavers

  • Dedicated career coach – Career RoadMap, CV, Interview Skills and ongoing support.
  • Opportunities to participate in work experience, industry events and employability support.
  • Digital Skills and Digital Portfolio of skills, learning and achievements.
  • Range of learning resources for all levels of ability.
  • Career/Vocational Awareness.
  • Self-confidence and a network of support.
  • Work Experience/Internships/Apprenticeships across a range of sectors and pathways into apprenticeships with an array of employers.
  • Employability
  • Peer Support
  • Independent Living Skills

*Note – Career Coaching is different to mentoring. A career coach is a qualified and accredited professional who believes in who you are and works with you to achieve your full potential.

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Career Matters Digital Pledge

  1. Strengthen the digital offer of support for Children in Care and Care Leavers.
  2. Widen access to opportunities for career guidance, work experience and apprenticeships.
  3. Improve preparation and support networks to live independently.
  4. Ensure access to employment, education, and training.
  5. Commit to improving safety awareness, including online.
  6. Connect care leavers with improved access to health and wider support systems.
  7. Improve financial stability.
  8. Address social mobility, improve awareness and raise aspirations.
  9. Support and empower all professionals, education providers and Industry by providing digital resources and engagement.

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  • Thrive is an interactive employability programme developing skills and competences.
  • Employer recognised skills and support network
  • Completing the programme achieves all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.
  • Completing the programme prepares young people and adults to navigate their futures.
  • Networks of peer support.
  • Referral processes with range of additional support.
  • Tracking of activity and destinations.
  • Data insights

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