Career Matters is a social enterprise which exists to improve access to career development opportunities for all and to create positive and meaningful employment pathways.  Working in partnership with education and employers we create inspirational experiences and events backed by progression routes into career sectors.

We are committed to the delivery of high-quality career services through traditional career practice complemented by our contemporary hybrid models which utilise digital technology applications to enhance accessibility and to fulfil the demands of skill development for the Future World of Work.  


The Future World of Work is changing, and this is creating new challenges for both educational providers and employers.  Employers are seeking new ways to reach out across education and diversify their workforce to meet future skill demands. 

As a social enterprise Career Matters is committed to innovation and the design of projects through partnerships to support education and industry to meet the challenges of the Future Workforce.    

We are an organisation committed to developing technology focused on social impact and ethical design (TechforGood, CareerTech, EdTech, VocTech).    

Career Matters has developed a unique new digital platform Thrive to support children in care, care leavers and those with care experience – designed to make a significant difference to accessibility and opportunity into exciting career pathways.  


Our partnerships are built on foundations of trust, shared aims, objectives and collective vision.     

Career Matters is led by an experienced and dedicated team which is committed to improving career provision, social impact and widening access to opportunity through the harnessing of digital technology (TechforGood). 

Our Advisory Board bring skills, experience and representation across industry, education, social care and health professions. 

Our Ambassadors Board supports the team at Career Matters and bring unique perspectives which are representative of the different groups we support. 


Our team knows that high quality career coaching and development can significantly improve future opportunities and quality of life for individuals. 

Partnerships with education providers and employers are focussed on supporting students to identify their future career goals and to ignite a spark to drive them forward to achieve through education, employment, or training programmes.

The Future World of Work brings challenges, but also opens up exciting opportunities to innovate, create new ways of working and delivery of services.  Our work with employers provides inspiration to students and education providers globally.