Lived Experience Charter applicants are provided the following support and training:

• Lived Experience Charter Training Day.
• Training, assessment and award process.
• Resources to support awareness, relevant policy and practice.
• Dedicated team at Career Matters supporting applicants.
• Digital Lived Experience Charter Application Portal for submitting the application – accessible via
• Trauma informed approaches.
• Ongoing support from the Career Matters Team.

The one-day training is an in-depth and interactive training which explores the Lived Experience Charter values, themes, evidence statements and criteria. Real life examples, through case studies, are offered to support the sites to understand the challenges and barriers people with lived experience face accessing, entering, and maintaining employment. Open and honest discussion around the sites’ workforce barriers, challenges and solutions are discussed to improve practice and to develop progressive approaches.

The Lived Experience Charter supports organisations to be the best they possibly can be as they move through the application and award process.

Are you an organisation looking to apply for the Lived Experience Charter?

Lived Experience Charter Awards event – 29 March 2023

To watch the video, please click on the link below.

Organisation Showcase

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