Role at Career Matters

I sit on the ambassador’s board for Careers matters where we meet to discuss the progress of the organisations and what we need to focus on going forward. I have been lucky enough to look at new developments and have been given the opportunity to give feedback on the service.

Why you are motivated to be involved and support the organisation’s mission and objectives?

I was looking for more opportunities to work with care experienced individuals as it is something, I have personal experience with. After learning more about what Careers Matters stands for and does it matched my motivations and drives and was something, I really wanted to be a part of. I was lucky enough to start working with this amazing organisation and the more I began to understand the vision being created the more grateful I became to be a part of Career Matters. The difference Career Matters makes and will continue to make to care leavers is inspiring and motivational and that pushes me to be the best version of myself to best help this organisation with their missions and objectives.

Headline experience

I have attended care leaver conferences as a guest speaker as well as putting on workshops for governors, prison staff, leaving care workers as well as a range of other professionals as well as spending 1 year working on pre-release plans for care leavers leaving custody. I work with a policing campaign to reduce crime in rates where young adults are concerned primarily focusing on care experienced individuals, this is an on-going national campaign that promotes a helping hand attitude. We help and support people into independence then the new generation take over to teach others the skills we have taught them. I was awarded the national care leavers award in 2018 for helping the care experienced community and will continue to dedicate my time and career to enabling and building upon the support given to care leavers.